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Professional Services Marketing: You Know This Stuff

Professional Services Marketing: You Know This Stuff

Why are today's marketing trends and research results so disruptive to the consulting and professional services industries, and the B2B community as a whole? If it ain't broke... As a professional service provider, you know--better than any other B2B industry--exactly...

5 Ways To Get A 26% Referral Rate Writing a White Paper

5 Ways To Get A 26% Referral Rate Writing a White Paper

White papers published by consulting firms are usually forgotten within moments of downloading. That's because, quite frankly, beneath the different brands and formats, your services and your competitors' are pretty similar, and you all outline the same quality...

Copywriting That Respects Customers

I've spoken about showing respect for readers in general, but here I'd like to focus on customers who are reading your marketing collateral in particular. The following was on a Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Honey Nut cereal box I purchased recently. No need to read...

Friday Marketing Spotlight: Kemya Scott

Kemya Scott of Phisco Marketing is a hard-working marketing strategist I've been glad to get to know over the past several months via Twitter and her blog. She knows her stuff and knows how to use it well, so I was excited when she shared one of her early marketing...

How To Know Whether Your Copy Is Too Creative

Can your audience spell it? I visit chief wordworker (and she really is a chief!) Nancy Friedman's blog frequently, mainly to laugh at the gaffes other creative decision-makers have made in naming and marketing their businesses. Because I've never made a mistake like...

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